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IP Management and Strategic Counselling

IP Management and Strategic Counselling

Obtaining a patent, registering a trademark or securing another form of intellectual property protection should not be pursued in isolation. The IP portfolio of a business must be created and managed strategically and cost effectively. We work with our clients in several ways to assist in this area. Our first step is taking the time to understand our clients’ businesses. With that understanding we can then assist our clients to establish priorities and develop strategies and timelines in the development of their IP portfolios and, importantly, to leverage their IP portfolios to generate revenue and add value to their businesses.

IP Management and Strategic Counselling Services

Our IP Management and Strategic Counselling Practice Group provides services that include the following:

  • IP audits to identify and evaluate intellectual property assets
  • Reviewing and recommending clients’ internal procedures for identifying, protecting and maintaining intellectual property rights
  • Consulting on strategies to leverage intellectual property rights
  • Reviewing trademark portfolios and prioritizing registration based on business activities
  • Conducting in-house seminars on a variety of topics, including the procurement, protection and management of intellection property rights
  • Assessing and monitoring competitors’ intellectual property rights

IP Management and Strategic Counselling Contacts

Andrew Hicks 403.609.9437

Andrew Hicks

Christine Hicks 403.609.9487

Christine Hicks